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ESTD - 1988    
ANKUR to II : 8.55 am. to 12.10 p.m.
III to V : 8.55 am. to 2.00 p.m.
VI to XII: 8.55 am. to 2.40 p.m

Principal's Desk

Teaching is the most exciting profession in the world, simply because in this profession you teach and learn. Learning not only from the books or other means, but learning from the ones who are taught.

This is why HBV is special. The teachers are mentor-guardians for the pupils. Their first job is to understand the kids and then teach. This helps the teachers to understand what the students understand and what they do not understand.

The most important step in the teaching-learning process in HBV is “FEEDBACK”. We give maximum importance to understanding the leaders of tomorrow and keep pace with the developing brains.

That is why when we teach we keep this in mind that these young ones are going to lead us in the days to come. It is not teaching them a trade. Teaching is a process to prepare them for their future.
Mrs Archana Sharma
H. B. Vidyapith
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