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ESTD - 1988    
ANKUR to II : 8.55 am. to 12.10 p.m.
III to V : 8.55 am. to 2.00 p.m.
VI to XII: 8.55 am. to 2.40 p.m


The school offers studies in two different streams Commerce & Humanities in Senior Secondary Stage with the following subjects noted against each.
IX – X
English Language & Literature, Mathematics, Science, Social Science, Work Education, Art Education, Physical Education, Computer, Environmental Education.
Commerce Stream Arts Stream (Humanities)

Accountancy (Compulsary)

Hindi (Ele) (Optional) English (Compulsary) Political Science (Comp)
Business Studies (Comp) Entrepreneurship (Opti) Hindi (Compulsary) History (Compulsary)
Economics (Compulsary) Mathematics (Optional) Economics (Compulsary) Computer (Additional)
Informatics Practices (Com) Physical Education (Opti) Informatics Practices (Opti) Physical Education (Opti)
Computer (Additional) Painting (Optional) Geography (Compulsary) Painting (Optional)
English (Core) (Comp)      
All monthly Charges are to be paid from
April at the beginning of the session.

The School organised various Co-curricular activities on a regular basis, Book Reading Classes, Cinema Shows, Craft Science Exhibition, Scouts & Guides, Quiz Shows. Iinter House Competitions are held throughout the year. Self defence (Karate) classes for girls; Children of classes I-X Yoga classes are being organised for the junior classes. The activity calendar is a result of a lot of brainstorming focused on the over all mental development of the students.

One of the aims of the school is to provide every learner such opportunities as shall be conductive to his/her physical, mental and moral development. The house system has been Introduced for the fructification of this aim, Housewise Co-curricular activities and sports activities are organised under the guidance of the experienced teachers as HOUSE-MASTERS.

1. ARAVALLI   Sub-Junior, Junior, Pre-Senior, Senior, (Colour Symble) --   Green
2. Nilgiri   Sub-Junior, Junior, Pre-Senior, Senior, (Colour Symble) --   Blue
3. Shivalik   Sub-Junior, Junior, Pre-Senior, Senior, (Colour Symble) --   Yellow
4. Udaygiri   Sub-Junior, Junior, Pre-Senior, Senior, (Colour Symble) --   Red
All efforts are made for the intellectual, physical, emotional, spiritual and aesthetic
development of every student by means of many programmes for the through out the year.
Since 2006 Scouts & Guide has been started for students.
Class - Nursery, K.G, : 8:55AM TO 12:30 PM
Class - I : 8:55AM TO 01:55 PM
Class - II - Ill : 8:55AM TO 02:20 PM
Class- IV - XII : 8:55AM TO 03:00 PM
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