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ESTD - 1988    
ANKUR to II : 8.55 am. to 12.10 p.m.
III to V : 8.55 am. to 2.00 p.m.
VI to XII: 8.55 am. to 2.40 p.m

About Us


The School has been set up under the aegis of Hindi Balika Vidyapith Trust to ensure an all-round development of students and to provide quality education to all sections of student community, irrespective of caste, creed, sex, social and economic status. The school is bent on providing sound education for character-building, development of values and personal qualities of head and heart which will prepare healthy, active, self-reliant and responsible citizens of India and thus fit them in for every walk of life.

The school pays attention to various co-curricular activities which will make the students both active and creative. As computer has become a key factor in all aspects of our day-to-day activities, the school leaves no stone unturned to pay attention to Computer Education to make the students a modern man alive to the needs of the present age.

The school has introduced Environmental Education as compulsory subject in the curriculum from Class I to Class XII to meet the needs situation in accordance with CBSE requirements.

Teachers and students are well in action through out the entire academic year with not only co-curricular work bout also all-round self development programmes. Apart from sports and games, pupils find avenues of self-expression through Art Club, Music Club, Literacy Club, Science Club, Book Club and various other creative activities, which are both pleasurable and profitable. The school also maintains a well-equipped Science Laboratory, Geography Lab, Mathematics Lab, Computer (Informatics Practices) Lab.

The school is affiliated to CBSE board since 2003.

The salary of the teaching and non teaching staff members are given through the Syndicate Bank A/C of the school by NEFT.

The school classes are from Ankur to XII. The school comprises of 34 sections and 1596 student.

The admission period of school is from  April 2013 to July 2013.


The school campus covers total area of 0.91 acres and a building area of 1375.7 sq. mtrs.

The children play ground is spread in an area of 2306.3sq. mtrs.
         H.B. Vidyapith is managed by a charitable trust, namely Hindi Balika          Vidyapith Trust. The intension is to provide quality and state of the art education to students hailing from the under-priviledged sections of the society. Students from diverse backgrounds are now a part of the Vidyapith Parivar and feel proud to state.                                                                        – “I am a HBVian.”
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